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Write On!

Posted in literature, music by Dani on December 2, 2009

Good evening, lovelies! Please forgive me for the one-day hiatus. Due to oodles of final papers, projects, and exams, I am super busy this week. Before I begin on another assignment, I wanted to prescribe you with a dose of terrific tunes. Yesterday, I stopped by the NaNoWriMo  (National Novel Writing Month) closing. (Not only did they have amazing attendees, but they generously provided vanilla mango cake too! Yum. Who could resist? Haha.) During my not-so brief stay, I bumped into a new, talented friend of mine named, Tally.

During that time, we talked about her super cool baby blue ukulele named, Kaylee. Cutest name ever, right?  She told me that they (she & Kaylee) post original songs on YouTube. She is simply splendid! They are simply splendid. Below is an absolutely adorable melody about “The Haunted Ukulele.” I wish I posted this video over a month ago, so then it would be holiday-relevant (Halloween), but no worries! …and then again I didn’t have a blog in October. Haha. 

Wasn’t it great? I truly hope you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful evening! You so deserve it.

Good night,



Ukuleles Make Me (Very, Very) Happy

Posted in literature, music by Dani on November 6, 2009

Happy, happy Friday! For the past few weeks, my English Lit. class has been reading and discussing the Shakespearian play, “The Tempest” along with a series of casebooks in response to the piece of literature. After much contemplation,

I have decided to write my five-page essay on the character, Caliban in connection with “The Case of Feminism Criticism” by Ania Loomba, specifically referring to Angela Davis’ “The Myth of the Black Rapist.” I have several pages of muddled notes already, so hopefully that will make my paper easier to write.

Although I am not writing about the cheeriest topic, I hope to hammer away at the keyboard with Ingrid Michaelson’s album, “Be OK,” comprised of sweet-sounding voices, guitars, and ukuleles (!), in my ear. My favorite song is  “You and I.” It is too adorable. Yesterday, one of my classmates said, “Ukuleles are the happiest instruments ever.” I definitely agree. Speaking of ukuleles, you should check out Julia Nunes. I met her last year (and helped her assistant sell her tee shirts) at her concert.  She is simply splendid!  I really wish I could play the ukulele now…

“Dani, get thee in Shakespeare mode!” (To myself.)

I will be sure to let you know how my writing process for this assignment goes after I turn it in (with any luck, by tomorrow morning afternoon).

Until then, have an amazing weekend! I am sure that you totally deserve it.

One  (very, very) happy blogger,