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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Posted in art by Dani on November 9, 2009

For the past few weeks, my art class has been focusing on self-portraits, which is super exciting, because people are such fascinating art subjects. Our professor recently gave us a list of artists that she wanted us to research.

Egon Schiele's Self-Portrait

This particular piece looks quite modelesque.

These artists included:


-Chuck Close

-Mary Cassatt

-Lee Krasner

-Jacob Lawrence

-Henri Matisse

-Kathe Kollwitz

-Vincent Van Gogh

-Egon Schiele

-Eva Hesse

-Frida Kahlo

-Judith Leyster

Some of their self-portraits in particular stood out to me. My favorite self-portrait was that of Egon Schiele (to the left), due to the brilliantly assorted yet appropriate use of soft colors. His androgyny in this piece of artwork fascinated me as well.

Nevertheless, after this informative assignment along with my art history-centric Spanish class and my third grade teacher’s love of impressionism and pastels (she took us to art museums and labeled our work tables by artists’ names… so much fun!), I am really ecsatic about taking my very first Art History class next semester. I think that the course will be truly enlightening and allow me to see not only artwork but also other subjects  in a different light.

Well, I am now off to my lovely Studio Art class for some R&R. Until my next post,…