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A Leg Up On The Competition

Posted in fashion by Dani on November 20, 2009

While perusing through fashion blogs last night, I came across Nathalia Pavon‘s fun, summery look, comprised of an adorable floral skirt senched with a bold turquoise belt. After admiring her outfit, I read a tiny snippet about her fashion influences.  She said that she finds hordes of inspiration from this super (and when I mean super, I mean SUPER) fly international website called, I can see why.

I spent at least ten minutes looking at the first page alone. Along with feasting your eyes on effortless fashion from global trendsetters, site visitors can also select specific color schemes, clothing items, textiles, and/or brands to see how these gurus put ultra-chic outfits together with the specifics they have chosen.

One of my favorite new panache pacesetters is twenty year old photographer, Rachel I. from Detroit, Michigan. From the following photos, it’s evident that she certainly has a flair for legwear, which makes me want to have more fun with my leotards and socks this winter.

BTW: All of the photographs are hers. Like all of the other pictures I post on my blog, please click on the photo to go to the original webpage that I found it from.

I am loving the outfit, especially those heels... and the frames, of course.

The juxtaposition of the leather jacket and the floral skirt is paradoxically edgy.

The jean jacket is so fun and 80s.

She certainly knows how to rock a pair of 'tards... and boots too. My favorite aspect of this particular outfit is the contrast between the heavy layers on the top and bareness of the bottom.

Red lumberjack flannel is always a good choice.

The stockings are sick.

Blazers + tube top = Original placement.

Be you = amazing,