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Posted in art by Dani on December 10, 2009

My apologies for the three-day hiatus, doll faces. I have been super busy with final papers, but alas, I am done for the semester! Yay! Haha. For all of my fellow students, I hope that all of you are wrapping up the nicely, which I’m sure that all of you are. Because I have left all of my beautiful readers visually high and dry for the past few days, I am going to post three posts in one day in an attempt to redeem myself. Haha.

My last post, featuring stringed lighting, paper decorations, and wool reefs, really got me thinking about interior design, specifically bedrooms. My ideal bedroom looks as if it came straight out of a summer IKEA catalog with a brightly adorned bedspread, miniature Babushkas, track lighting, and several discrete pieces of chic white hot furniture (plus, a dash of Dani to doll it up a bit: fashion mag photosancient art projects, mammoth-sized posters, & porcelain dolls(?), o’course. Haha.). I really like the clean yet creative vibe that IKEA has going on in their bedroom photoshoots.

This thought leads to the next logical question: what is a bedroom? Along with being a cozy cove for sleeping, I feel that it should be somewhere one is free to relax: a serene oasis, a nest. Sound familiar, muffins? Haha. Below are a few of my favorite bedrooms on the IKEA website. Want to puruse one of the following gorgeous rooms? Simple click on the photo and wander away! Haha.

See what I mean? Simple yet elegant.

This bedroom just screams fun! Just look at that comforter! Haha.

I am totally digging the vibe of this room. Not only is it mature, but it has a funky edge as well. This bedroom has to be one of my favorites.

This room looks like it belongs to a cool and free-spirited person. I like it.

This bedroom is a perfect example of what I meant by chic white furniture. The clothes in the closet really pop.

For some reason, this room reminds me a super modern bed and breakfast. Haha.

The lime hue of the walls really make this room come alive!

Another favorite of mine. Definitely.

Very clean design.

So, what is your favorite place to relax? Please, do tell! Haha.

Stay nice & toasty,



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Knit Pick

Posted in art, fashion by Dani on December 6, 2009

Hello, fabulous readers! I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend filled with oodles of rest between manic spurts of writing and studying for finals! The Amazing Shannon recommended a Norwegian website that I should visit all about Norwegian knitting called, Pickles. Cutest title ever, right? (Norway + Yarn = Super FUN! Haha.) …and boy, was she right!

Along with how-to posts on any knitting item from fashion to interior design, this incredibly ingenious blog also  dishes up loads of eye candy in the form of delightfully creative cupcakes (…and muffins too!). I mean: cupcakes are a girl’s best friend. Yum! Haha.

Below are some of my absolute fave pieces on the blog. Want to see the original post of the following items? Just click on the pic! Haha.


This bolero looks so comfy and chic at the same time!

Strike a pose!

This hat looks so luxurious! I am totally digging the pom pom. Haha.

This pom pom makes me feel all "warm and fuzzy."

How gorgeous is this color?

I love how bows have the ability to make anything cute.

The contrast between the neon tank and the pastel sweater is simply divine!

This close-up reminds me of cotton candy.

How cute and innovative is this friendship head band!

A double take: But now it's a bracelet. How versatile, eh?

So stylish.

This adorable accessory totally deserves a close-up!

Interior Design

How gorgeous is this space; and that lamp(!): to die for. Very IKEA. Haha.

Close up!

Let there be light! Haha.

It's that time of year again: Christmas! I love how colorful and fun that wreath looks.

You know how I love my CUs. Haha.

What a great way to perk up a room right up!


What do you get when you put cotton, yarn, cloth, and golden buttons all together?

Surprise! It's a teddy bear! Haha.

Aren’t these pieces absolutely adorable? Thank you so much, Shannon! You’re the best!

I hope that everyone has an absolutely terrific evening! Now, please go get some rest… I’m sure that you totally deserve it!

Good night,