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GREEN is the New Black: A Need for FEED

Posted in fashion by Dani on December 10, 2009

Isn't she precious? FEED Projects at work.

Hello, lovelies! As mentioned last week, I want to add a post every Wednesday (Oops! Haha.) with on a different win-win cause for the month of December. With that said, I present to you: FEED Projects, which was started with the hopes of feeding hungry children all over the world through the purchase of their bags. With over a half a million bags sold, this worthwhile organization has been able to provide food almost sixty million children. Along with TOMS shoes, FEED bags sound like another worthwile Christmas gift to give (or recieve) this holiday season!

I think this eco-friendly bag is super cute yet simple. Perhaps, it would be a lovely companion to tote to the local farmers' market for some yummy fresh fruit.

Happy helping,



Knit Pick

Posted in art, fashion by Dani on December 6, 2009

Hello, fabulous readers! I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend filled with oodles of rest between manic spurts of writing and studying for finals! The Amazing Shannon recommended a Norwegian website that I should visit all about Norwegian knitting called, Pickles. Cutest title ever, right? (Norway + Yarn = Super FUN! Haha.) …and boy, was she right!

Along with how-to posts on any knitting item from fashion to interior design, this incredibly ingenious blog also  dishes up loads of eye candy in the form of delightfully creative cupcakes (…and muffins too!). I mean: cupcakes are a girl’s best friend. Yum! Haha.

Below are some of my absolute fave pieces on the blog. Want to see the original post of the following items? Just click on the pic! Haha.


This bolero looks so comfy and chic at the same time!

Strike a pose!

This hat looks so luxurious! I am totally digging the pom pom. Haha.

This pom pom makes me feel all "warm and fuzzy."

How gorgeous is this color?

I love how bows have the ability to make anything cute.

The contrast between the neon tank and the pastel sweater is simply divine!

This close-up reminds me of cotton candy.

How cute and innovative is this friendship head band!

A double take: But now it's a bracelet. How versatile, eh?

So stylish.

This adorable accessory totally deserves a close-up!

Interior Design

How gorgeous is this space; and that lamp(!): to die for. Very IKEA. Haha.

Close up!

Let there be light! Haha.

It's that time of year again: Christmas! I love how colorful and fun that wreath looks.

You know how I love my CUs. Haha.

What a great way to perk up a room right up!


What do you get when you put cotton, yarn, cloth, and golden buttons all together?

Surprise! It's a teddy bear! Haha.

Aren’t these pieces absolutely adorable? Thank you so much, Shannon! You’re the best!

I hope that everyone has an absolutely terrific evening! Now, please go get some rest… I’m sure that you totally deserve it!

Good night,


Drop TOMS, Not Bombs

Posted in fashion by Dani on December 2, 2009

Good afternoon, digital darlings! Sorry for the recent super speedy posts, but this week has been loca! Haha. Hopefully, things will begin to slow down towards the end of this week as they often do.  

As local malls become adorned with electric blue lights, faux cotton snow, the scent of pine, along with an extensive assortment of wrapping paper, one thing is becoming very clear: Christmas is fast approaching. You know what that means… time to start thinking about gifts to give to your loved ones on the 25th. Why not give one that looks dapper and makes a difference?

For the month of December, I will be implementing a column based off of  Chicago Social Magazine‘s article, “What Gives?” called, “What Gives? Wednesdays,” in which I will feature a new fashion forward cause every Wednesday. This week’s? TOMS.

Skimming websites on Sunday afternoon, I soon noticed a fad amongst not only fervent fashion bloggers but unassuming sneak peeps

too. Four words, folks: TOMS are the bomb. Not only do they reinvent the classic boat shoe, but this cool company also supports a very worthwhile cause, one that is unmistakable in their slogan–With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for one. Here are a number of my favorite pairs featured on their website. Want to visit the website? Click on a shoe below. TOMS away…

Aren't these simply adorable? I love the color contrast between the navy blue and the bubblegum pink.

These shoes are sick. They really make me feel like dancing! Haha.

The script on the shoes give it a cool, funky and artistic edge.

Who can resist a pair of splatter painted sneaks? ...and guess what? They're HAND painted!

I love the message on the shoe, "The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter." --Mark Twain (Aww... Haha.)

How cute and cuddly are these puppies! (Pun intended.) Along with being soft, these sneaks are bright and bubbly!

Glitter has the ability to make anyone happy. Haha.

Ooh... I just love the color, charcoal... and tiny animal print too.

Have a beautiful day!