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New Blog Site!

Posted in more by Dani on March 7, 2010

Hi, darlings! I hope that your weekend is going amazingly well! First and foremost, I would like to thank all of my lovely readers and subscribers. All of you are absolutely amazing!

Due to my future summer internship and travel plans, I have decided to slightly modify the focus of my blog (… but not by much, so no worries!) from an Internet finds blog regarding art, music, fashion, and literature to a lifestyle blog with all the aforementioned topics and even more! Starting in June, I will begin to journal my own experiences both domestically and internationally. As a result, I will no longer be blogging at the following blog URL: (Aww… sad, I know, but I promise there is more fabulous-ness in store!) 

My new blog URL is I just started blogging on the new website on Friday, so mondo apologies in advance for the lack of posts thus far.

I cannot thank you enough for your support, darlings! You’re the best!

I hope that you have a beautiful day; and I look forward to seeing you at the new website, sugar plums!

Many thanks,



Juicy Couture

Posted in fashion, more by Dani on March 5, 2010

Hello, doll faces! I hope that all of you are having a warm and toasty Friday  morning. While gazing upon next season’s couture Chanel line, I realized its similarities between the wardrobe in the motion picture, Marie Antoinette. From soft pastel hues to ornate jewels, this collection just screams royalty. Although I have never seen the movie, I thought that this video (above) and these looks (below) were certainly post-worthy and appropriate together.

Love the lavendar.

Ooh... pastels.

Lots of sheer.

Have a beautiful weekend, lovies!

Be you, be fabulous,


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The City

Posted in fashion, more by Dani on January 31, 2010

Hi, doll faces! I hope that your week is going amazingly well! Guess what? Chinese fashion label, Me & City (Adorable name, right? Would make a super fun website handle. Haha.) has just launched an ad campaign with It Brits, Orlando Bloom and Agyness Deyn for their Spring/Summer 2010 line. Similar to the mocha mogul & Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, Me & City is not merely interested in selling their fresh and fun clothing but also a lifestyle to match. Smart, eh? Now that’s what I call public relations.  Haha. Just see for yourselves, muffins.

The cool color scheme along with the blazer (formal) and jean (casual) contrast worn by Orlando is simply splendid.

Very La-La Land.

Very cool yet edgy scene. I love how Agyness's dark clothing contrast the playfulness of the ice cream truck.

I love how this scene evokes a casual yet chic vibe.

Are those fruits organic? Yum! Haha.

Aww... din-din at home! How cute! Haha.

This scene just brims with fun and flair.

Love Agyness's edgy haircut.

Fabulous, right?  Have a bright & sunny day, cupcakes!



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Hello, Cupcake.

Posted in fashion, more by Dani on January 20, 2010

Cupcakes, anyone?

A very good night, sweeties! As spring begins to loom amongst us, pastels and candy colors are in full bloom, putting me in the mood for something light and sweet in the kitchen. Since it is not yet time to retire your peacoat to the closet, fruit-flavored cold treats will have to wait awhile. Cupcakes seem just right. My three reasons for loving these bite-sized babies?

1) They are teeny tiny and tidy. Who can say no to miniature anything? It just makes everything better [… and they are mess-free due to their small size. Yay!].

2) They are plain dee down delightful. Because these cutie pies are itsy bitsy, they are also too adorable for words. It is safe to say that they are literally the “babies” (= wee and darling) of the dessert world.

3) They are versatile. Cupcakes are capable of anything! Case in point: the super cute cookbook: Hello, Cupcake! I never knew the sheer and utter adaptibility of these precious puppies until I glanced through its photographs. Amazing, much? Yeah! The “Hello, Cupcake!” blog is pixel proof. So creative. Makes me want to take up vegan cupcaking, which is definitely a possibility, especially over the summer months.  Thank you tons, Hello Cupcake: You’re the best!

As I surfed the Internet this afternoon, I stumbled across a series of high fashion cupcakes. Photographed by Therese Aldgard and styled by Lisa Edsalv, these Swedish talents created a divine photo shoot of whimsical desserts. Take a look for yourself, muffins!

Who can resist these pretty, pastel pieces? Yum!

So chic. Just like Chanel.

Maraschino cherries make everything sweeter.

These cupcakes look so rich and chocolate-y. Haha.

Until next post,


Dressed to Impress

Posted in fashion, more by Dani on December 31, 2009

Outfits styled by me... compliments of the amazing! Yay! Go, PoVo! Go, PoVo! Haha.

“Why go through life as milk when you can be mocha almond fudge? –Stacy London, What Not To Wear

As New Years fast approaches, resolutions are in full force. I must admit: a goals list is my absolute favorite part of ringing in the New Year; and I am more determined than ever! I am super ecstatic to say the least. If inspirational little Olive and Elliot can fulfill their dreams, why can’t we? Haha. In addition to a number of other resolutions, one of them includes having oodles of fun with my attire.

Written by the editor-in-chief of, Zephyr, “25 Reasons Why You Should Dress Up” is a nifty editorial with compelling incentives to dress up on a daily basis, not just on special occasions. When I say write, “dress up,” I literally don’t mean wearing a dress per se but rather sporting an outfit that makes you feel fun, free, and most importantly FIERCE. Although an “oh so comfy” pair of sweatpants are never to be completely abandoned, there is nothing wrong with dolling up every now and then just for fun. You are fabulous and you owe it to yourself. Life is a celebration, so why not have a party every so often (… or every day if you’re up for it. Haha.)?

Happy New Years Eve, doll faces! May your evening and year be filled with  joy, love,  and peace.

With anticipation,


P.S. Below is a demo video just recently uploaded from Michelle Phan’s YouTube Channel specifically on New Years Eve makeup. Enjoy, muffins!

It Takes Two

Posted in more by Dani on December 19, 2009

Losers are people who are so afraid of not winning, they don’t even try. –Grandpa, Little Miss Sunshine

Morning, rays of sunshine! No two film festival favorites capture the mantra above quite like Little Miss Sunshine and Billy Elliot. Like a number of indie motion pictures, this cinematic duo requires their viewers to blow out nearly a dozen and a half birthday candles prior to watching (…if you get my drift. Ages 17+). If you pass that requirement, terrific! Watch away… Haha.

Little Miss Sunshine captured my heart several years ago with its undeniable sincerity and inspiring determination. For one reason or another, I hope it captures your heart too.

Despite all of the social and socio-economic adversity against him, Billy Elliot follows his dreams of becoming a ballet dancer, making this film simply heart-warming. Now, I must warn you, this movie is definitely a tear-jerker towards the end but definitely worthwhile. I guarantee it.

So, the question is: What’s your favorite indie film(s)?

Happy, happy Saturday!

Be you (= amazing),


A Whimsical Wonderland

Posted in fashion, literature, more, music by Dani on December 18, 2009

"Alice in Wonderland"-inspired scene was auctioned at Bonhams from the Fortnum & Mason store in London, England. Very whimsical. (Photo: Sebastian Meyer/Getty Images)

Good evening, honey bees! I hope that your week went incredibly well and that your weekend is going to go even better! Movie reviews on television are putting me in the mood for some cinema sighting. While I do have several motion pictures in mind for the holiday season, I am super ecstatic to watch Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland next spring.

I have a thing for film adaptations of literature. A definite impetus for enrolling in my nineteenth century British Literature class next year is the reading list, including Alice Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.  From dolls to dressmaking, with such a tremendous influence in pop culture, this literary classic must be  worth reading at least once (although I haven’t read it… yet. Haha.).

One of my favorite Alice-inspired creations is Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For?” (Love her!) Not only is it fantastically fun, but the music video is also light and chic, bursting at the seams with pastel ruffles and Vivienne Westwood-esque heels. Speaking of fashion, Vogue published an absolutely fabulous spread on Wonderland wear several years ago. I think you’d like it.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was great, so I cannot wait to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (especially in 3-D). Haha.

What is your favorite film adaptation? Do tell!

Again, have a wonderful weekend!

Good night,


BTW: If you have any post requests, please let me know with a comment. Don’t be shy, I would love to hear from you!

Twice As Nice

Posted in art, fashion, more by Dani on December 16, 2009

Happy, Happy Wednesday, darlings!  The week is officially almost over; and you know what today is. That’s right. “What Gives? Wednesday” (…based off of  Chicago Social Magazine’s article, “What Gives?”)! Smart trend of the sixteenth? Aviator Nation.

I must say, I have been waiting to tell you folks about this SoCal-based unisex clothing company for almost a week. On the lookout for stylish sweaters, I stumbled upon its website last week.

Created by Paige Mycoskie, Aviator Nation is the product of her love of aviator glasses, but I mean… c’mon, those shades are classics and always au courant. Haha.  From tanks to truckers, this business exemplies the Golden State‘s surfing culture through their items’ cool color schemes and casual cuts. Although not all of their clothes go to charity, Aviator Nation has a specific set of clothing articles in which a portion of those purchases goes to AIDS research. Isn’t that rad? Haha.

Ooh… and please take a look at this collaboration between Aviator Nation and TOMS! So neat!

Stay sunny,


Strike A Pose!

Posted in more by Dani on December 4, 2009

MAMMOTH hello to all of my beautiful blogger buffs! Due to a lack of sleep along with a teeming calendar of events and to-do lists, I am super exhausted this evening. As a result, please forgive me in advance for the super short post.

As I mentioned yesterday, it is that time of the year again: FINALS WEEK. As you may already know, I am a big believer in relaxation and placidity, especially during times of high anxiety. Working out is an amazingly effective way to blow off steam. If you are feeling a bit stressed, try lacing up your sneakers and jogging on a treadmill for thirty minutes or watching the latest yoga instructional video with those tricky poses that you have been dying to try.

Speaking of yoga, I found this highly-rated (… it recieved five stars and over 200,000 views on YouTube. Yay! Haha.) yoga instructional video, perhaps it would be a wonderful way to relax during FW.

Good luck with all of your papers and exams next week! I know that you will do great!

Have a restful evening!

Happy baby (Pun intended.),


Three’s Company

Posted in more by Dani on December 3, 2009

With the semester coming to a close, a number of impending deadlines are fast approaching whether it be a final Calculus exam or ten-page Human Rights research paper. Consequently, many students are beginning to stress out about not only the completion of their assignments but their grades as well. No need to fear! I have got you covered.

When you feel like you are about to stress out to the point of oblivion, consider watching a teen flick. I know it may sound silly, but they have the magical ability to make all of your worries vanish for two hours with a splash of comedy and oftentimes a romantic twist as well. Without further adieu, I present to you three of my much-loved teen flicks. 

13 Going 30

13 Going On 30 is one of my all-time favorite movies. Not only is it brimming sparkly glitter and 80s neon clothing, but the motion picture also stars Jennifer Garner, playing an entertainingly vivacious thirteen year old girl trapped in a thirty year old woman’s body in the NYC. You know what that means: Lisa Frank stationary and MJ Thriller choreography! Yay! Haha.


Who can say no to palm trees and platforms? When it comes to movies, Clueless is a classic 90s staple. This timeless comedy has a neverending assortment of Val Gal slang and gags, making it amusing from start to finish.

She’s The Man 

When I first watched She’s The Man last year, I could not help from laughing hysterically (…and then playing it over and over again).  This movie embodies the best of both worlds: clean comedy with a dash of teen romance. STM is more than worthy of a HUGE thumbs up!

Happy viewing,