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GREEN is the New Black: A Need for FEED

Posted in fashion by Dani on December 10, 2009

Isn't she precious? FEED Projects at work.

Hello, lovelies! As mentioned last week, I want to add a post every Wednesday (Oops! Haha.) with on a different win-win cause for the month of December. With that said, I present to you: FEED Projects, which was started with the hopes of feeding hungry children all over the world through the purchase of their bags. With over a half a million bags sold, this worthwhile organization has been able to provide food almost sixty million children. Along with TOMS shoes, FEED bags sound like another worthwile Christmas gift to give (or recieve) this holiday season!

I think this eco-friendly bag is super cute yet simple. Perhaps, it would be a lovely companion to tote to the local farmers' market for some yummy fresh fruit.

Happy helping,



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  1. digitaldesignfellow said, on December 11, 2009 at 4:26 PM

    yay, I LOVE this idea Dani… since graduating, I’m becoming more and more conscious of where my hard-earned money goes! I’ll be sure to check in every wednesday… 🙂 Congrats on finishing the semester!

    • disfordani said, on December 12, 2009 at 4:07 AM

      Aww… thanks, Shannon! You’re awesome! I am so happy to hear about your Wednesday check-ups and your love of this idea! That makes my day. Haha. Have a wonderful weekend! You totally deserve it!

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