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Inspired Attire

Posted in art, fashion by Dani on November 21, 2009

Today's Attire. The description can found on the left. Pardon the "Polly Pocket"-sized hands & massive "line backer" shoulders. While I do have super broad shoulders, I doodled in ink, which is very unforgiving but very worthwhile as well.

Because I was so inspired by Rachel‘s wicked style that I blogged about yesterday, I decided to play with legwear a bit today myself. I was so happy with all of the positive feedback I received today. It made me happy about trying some new this morning. Today, I wore:

Spectacles from Urban Outfitters

– A forest green, navy, & white flannel shirta white v-neck, and a white tank top from Target

– White & navy seersucker-esque shorts from Old Navy (It was on clearance for only $3!)

Charcoal tights from Target

Black UGG-esque boots from Payless Shoes (Love!)

So what do you think? Yea or nay?

Happy, happy Friday,



A Leg Up On The Competition

Posted in fashion by Dani on November 20, 2009

While perusing through fashion blogs last night, I came across Nathalia Pavon‘s fun, summery look, comprised of an adorable floral skirt senched with a bold turquoise belt. After admiring her outfit, I read a tiny snippet about her fashion influences.  She said that she finds hordes of inspiration from this super (and when I mean super, I mean SUPER) fly international website called, I can see why.

I spent at least ten minutes looking at the first page alone. Along with feasting your eyes on effortless fashion from global trendsetters, site visitors can also select specific color schemes, clothing items, textiles, and/or brands to see how these gurus put ultra-chic outfits together with the specifics they have chosen.

One of my favorite new panache pacesetters is twenty year old photographer, Rachel I. from Detroit, Michigan. From the following photos, it’s evident that she certainly has a flair for legwear, which makes me want to have more fun with my leotards and socks this winter.

BTW: All of the photographs are hers. Like all of the other pictures I post on my blog, please click on the photo to go to the original webpage that I found it from.

I am loving the outfit, especially those heels... and the frames, of course.

The juxtaposition of the leather jacket and the floral skirt is paradoxically edgy.

The jean jacket is so fun and 80s.

She certainly knows how to rock a pair of 'tards... and boots too. My favorite aspect of this particular outfit is the contrast between the heavy layers on the top and bareness of the bottom.

Red lumberjack flannel is always a good choice.

The stockings are sick.

Blazers + tube top = Original placement.

Be you = amazing,


To Be Continued…

Posted in more by Dani on November 14, 2009

I am feeling a bit under the weather tonight. However, I will be sure to elaborate on this post tomorrow.

Until then,


Chanel No. 2?

Posted in fashion by Dani on November 11, 2009
Chanel Strikes a Pose

Chanel Iman backstage at Erin Wasson x RVCA Spring 2010 during this fall's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park.

Photo: Jeremy Kost/WireImage  
As I sit below today’s gloomy skies, I find it particularly refreshing to see the heavy punches of color in the December
Teen Vogue's December 2009 Issue

Chadan or Journel?

2009 issue of Teen Vogue Magazine. Not only are the glossy pages of glamazons brimming with bright hues but they also feature two bright shiny faces: Chanel Iman & Jourdan Dunn. Although Chanel & Jourdan (Is the blend their names together  Chadan or Journel? Hmm…) have been gracing fashion magazines and runways for quite some time, I first noticed this gorgeous duo two months ago at a newsstand in Chicago’s O’Hare International in an ad for Fashion’s Night Out.

With her oodles of endorsements, fashion shows and guest appearances along with her latest slew of magazine features (including Italian Vogue, Teen Vogue, and i-D) and her recent three-year contract with Victoria’s Secret, Chanel is quickly becoming a household name. I think it is official: Chanel is, dare I say it, a part of the next generation supermodels. While a number of models have come and gone, Chanel seems to be digging her stilleto heels deeply into the fashion industry.

After this cluster of fabulous photos, something else is also official: Jeremy Kost is one of my favorite photographers…


Chanel the Hippie

Chanel Iman at the launch of the Matthew Williamson for H&M collection in New York City.

 Photo: Jeremy Kost/WireImage


Chanel Wining & Dining

Chanel Iman and Ryan Leslie at the Samsung Imagination Icon's Series Premiere Event 'The Red Thread: The Inspiration & Passion of Valentino Garavani' in New York City

 Photo: Jeremy Kost/WireImage

Chanel in Fur

(From left to right) Chanel Iman, Maryna Linchuk, & Arlennis Sosa backstage at Michael Kors Fall 2009 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Tent in Bryant Park.

 Photo: Jeremy Kost/WireImage

Chanel with Glasses

Chanel backstage at Max Azria Spring 2009 at The Tent in Bryant Park.

 Photo: Jeremy Kost/WireImage

Chanel in Red

Chanel Iman at Peter Som Spring 2009 at The Promenade in Bryant Park.

Photo: Jeremy Kost/WireImage

Enough about my opinion, do you think Chanel will be here for the long run(way) or is just another pretty face?

Do tell,


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Posted in art by Dani on November 9, 2009

For the past few weeks, my art class has been focusing on self-portraits, which is super exciting, because people are such fascinating art subjects. Our professor recently gave us a list of artists that she wanted us to research.

Egon Schiele's Self-Portrait

This particular piece looks quite modelesque.

These artists included:


-Chuck Close

-Mary Cassatt

-Lee Krasner

-Jacob Lawrence

-Henri Matisse

-Kathe Kollwitz

-Vincent Van Gogh

-Egon Schiele

-Eva Hesse

-Frida Kahlo

-Judith Leyster

Some of their self-portraits in particular stood out to me. My favorite self-portrait was that of Egon Schiele (to the left), due to the brilliantly assorted yet appropriate use of soft colors. His androgyny in this piece of artwork fascinated me as well.

Nevertheless, after this informative assignment along with my art history-centric Spanish class and my third grade teacher’s love of impressionism and pastels (she took us to art museums and labeled our work tables by artists’ names… so much fun!), I am really ecsatic about taking my very first Art History class next semester. I think that the course will be truly enlightening and allow me to see not only artwork but also other subjects  in a different light.

Well, I am now off to my lovely Studio Art class for some R&R. Until my next post,…



Ukuleles Make Me (Very, Very) Happy

Posted in literature, music by Dani on November 6, 2009

Happy, happy Friday! For the past few weeks, my English Lit. class has been reading and discussing the Shakespearian play, “The Tempest” along with a series of casebooks in response to the piece of literature. After much contemplation,

I have decided to write my five-page essay on the character, Caliban in connection with “The Case of Feminism Criticism” by Ania Loomba, specifically referring to Angela Davis’ “The Myth of the Black Rapist.” I have several pages of muddled notes already, so hopefully that will make my paper easier to write.

Although I am not writing about the cheeriest topic, I hope to hammer away at the keyboard with Ingrid Michaelson’s album, “Be OK,” comprised of sweet-sounding voices, guitars, and ukuleles (!), in my ear. My favorite song is  “You and I.” It is too adorable. Yesterday, one of my classmates said, “Ukuleles are the happiest instruments ever.” I definitely agree. Speaking of ukuleles, you should check out Julia Nunes. I met her last year (and helped her assistant sell her tee shirts) at her concert.  She is simply splendid!  I really wish I could play the ukulele now…

“Dani, get thee in Shakespeare mode!” (To myself.)

I will be sure to let you know how my writing process for this assignment goes after I turn it in (with any luck, by tomorrow morning afternoon).

Until then, have an amazing weekend! I am sure that you totally deserve it.

One  (very, very) happy blogger,